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Conan Exiles How To Cook – Beginner’s Tips For Cooking

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Cooking is utterly essential in Conan Exiles as it helps you to stay alive! Follow our Conan Exiles How To Cook guide to find out where to start.

Cooking recipes in Conan Exiles can be carried out at campfires in the early game. You’ll unlock one early on, and then a campfire around level 7. First of all, however, you need to find the raw food! The first ingredient you’ll discover that you can eat are ‘Handful of Insects’. You’ll find these when harvesting plants.

Cooking And Eating in Conan Exiles

In the early game, also make sure you pick up grubs and shaleback eggs, which will also keep you fed (the grubs will also keep you watered). You’ll find these lying on the ground.

These tiny insects will boost your food bar, but sooner rather than later you’ll need to find some decent food to cook. You can get meat from all kinds of animals. When you’re starting off against the smaller creatures, like rabbits and turtles, and you’ll discover feral flesh.

In early game, go to the Pit of Yog, where you can select Yog as your God. You can then build a Yog Altar and get the recipe to craft the Yog Cleaver. With the Yog cleaver in hand, you can harvest humans by killing them, and grab yourself some Unblemished Human Meat.

Simply, bring that meat back to the Pit of Yog, drop it into the slot, and you can craft food in the form of Purified Flesh. This also gives you water!

What Can You Cook In Conan Exiles?

Aside from that, you’ll also be able to unlock your first campfire at level 3, which allows you to cook raw meat. Here’s a list of some of the things that you can cook, and what they turn into:

  • Feral Flesh > Shredded Roast
  • Savoury Flesh > Grilled Steak
  • Exotic Flesh > Roasted Haunch
  • Abysmal Flesh > Cooked Abysmal Meat

To get the food, you’re going to need to kill animals, and the bigger the animal the better the meat it will produce. Once you’ve gathered meat, head to your campfire, and drop the meat into the slots available.

Conan Exiles How To Cook

In order to cook in Conan Exiles, you’ll also need fuel. You can use the likes of bark, branches, wood or coal. Drop your fuel into the slots on your campfire, and you can start cooking your food!

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