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How to Build Conan Exiles Wheel of Pain And How To Use It

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Conan Exiles Wheel of Pain is deeply rooted in Conan’s painful past. The wheel’s design originally came from the Vanaheim Valley. Thulsa enslaved Conan and other boys to the Wheel of Pain after they invaded their village. Conan was the last slave standing until a big warrior, Red Hair, rescued him after 20 years.

Conan Exiles Wheel of Pain is a huge grain mill operated by slaves. The slaves’ hands were chained to the mill’s post as they continuously push the post to rotate the mill. It is uncertain what other functions it was used for other than taming slaves (thralls) and keeping them as passive prisoners. Slaves can only be freed from the mill if they are bought or die from exhaustion.

Building Wheel of Pain

You will need 60 shape wood (harvested from wood), 50 bricks (carved from sandstones), 200 iron reinforcement (crafted iron bars from blacksmith bench), and 80 twines (twisted lengths of fibers) to build the Conan Exiles Wheel of Pain. It is a building item weighing 25.0 and requires 150000 building health. It will only take 30 seconds to build and you will gain 18592 EXP from it.

There are a lot of items to fuel the Wheel of Pain. Some of which are: gruels, flavored gruel, feral flesh, human flesh, fishes (cooked, savory, exotic), shellfish, feast (exotic, savory, feral), jerkies (beef,trail,savory), soups (spiced, aloe, meat, seed, yellow lotus,r hino), salted berries, spiced egg, chili desert, hearty meal, and bug kabob.

If it happens that the Wheel of Pain gets broken, gather 45 Shaped Wood, 38 Brick and 150 Iron Reinforcement to repair it.

Enslave Thralls in the Wheel of Pain

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Essentially, you can capture thralls, or slaves that fit into various categories, including fighters, tanners, smelters, cooks, and archers. To capture them, you need to reach level 10 to unlock its recipe Thrall Taker. You need to craft Fiber Bindings and Truncheon then you can begin searching for possible slaves. Once you see one, knock him unconscious and bind him with the Fiber Bindings and bring him to the camp. Assign him to the Lesser Wheel of Pain to tame him so you can use him in other tasks you trained him to do.

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