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Conan Exiles Rhino Locations Uncovered

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If you’re on the hunt for some thick hide, you’ll need to find some decent Conan Exiles rhino locations. Whether you want to take a break from combat battle or just want to explore the force of nature, hunting, and fighting rhinos is not as easy you think it would be.

Rhinos are the type of creatures you can interact with while playing Conan Exiles. Rhinos or rhinoceros is from the Greek word rhinoceros or “nose-horned.” Rhinos though heavy (can weigh more than a ton), may seem scary but they are herbivores or plant-eating animals. They can be physically tough but they have small brains. They can have one or two horns depending on the species. Rhinos cannot see you from afar and will just attack if you get close to them. Attack them from the back because they find it hard to turn and attack.

Rhinos just like in real world are hunted because of their thick folded skin which is a source of Thick Tide, an ingredient used for crafting strong armors. You can also gain HP from killing a rhino. The amount of Thick Tide, Experience Points and HP pretty much wholly depends on the color of the rhino.

Conan Exiles Rhino Locations

You can find three rhinos as you go farther in the West Savanna area. Climb up to the valleys there and you will find them on the top. You can use these coordinates for accuracy: Co-ordinates X: -253,054 Y: -48,468 Z: 4,347. You can also encounter rhinos as you go inland in the game. It was reported that there is a giant king rhino roaming around the Exiled Lands.

Rhinos to Hunt

There are three types of rhinos found in the game categorized according to their color. First is the white rhino. Once killed, you can get 1298 HP, 53 armor, 7350 Base XP, and 1000 KB Defense. It will also drop the bone, exotic flesh, thick hide, and white rhino head. You should be vigilant in facing the white rhino because it is aggressive.

Up next is the black rhino. It also aggressive but gives higher XP of 4890, 53 armor, 1000 KB defense and 9800 Base XP. Get black rhino head, bone, exotic flesh, and thick hide upon killing it.

Last is the grey rhino with 1298 XP, 53 armor, 1000 KB defense and a lower Base XP of 6370. Grey rhinos drop the bone, exotic flesh, thick tide, grey rhino head, and rhino hide.

These Conan Exiles rhino locations will surely help you in your wildlife hunt. For more Conan Exiles location and game guide, check them here.

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