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Conan Exiles Thick Hide and Thick Leather Guide

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Finding thick leather in Conan Exiles can be tricky if you don’t know where to look! It’s certainly one of the rarer resources that you might be on the hunt for to craft specific recipes, such as the Armor Flexibility Kit.

In this Conan Exiles Thick Hide and Leather Guide, we’ll show you want you need to do to get the materials you need. First up, you’ll need to get Thick Hide.

What To Kill In Conan Exiles To Get Thick Hide

You can get this tough material by killing the following animals:

  • Elk
  • Elephant
  • Rhinos
  • Bears
  • Crocodiles

Use a dagger to skin them and harvest the corpse! The good news is you can use that craft the leather you need at the Tannery. You can unlock this at level 10.

How To Turn Thick Hide Into Thick Leather

Open your inventory while at the Tannery and place your thick hide in the Tannery slot, and bark, which allows you to craft. Turn it on and you’re Thick Leather will be ready in no time.

By using one Thick Hide, you’ll get 1 Thick Leather in return, plus some tar. Some of the recipes where you can use Thick Hide include getting thicker armor plating, crafting weapons such as axes and spears and numbing wraps (bandages).

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