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How To Get Bones In Conan Exiles And What To Do With Them

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If you’ve just started playing Conan Exiles on PS4 and you’re on the lookout for tips, we’ve got multiple guides to help you out, including how to set up a Conan Exiles PS4 private server. Among the resources you’ll be looking for including Steel bars and Hardened steel, you’ll soon be searching for bones.

In this Conan Exiles Bone Guide, we’ll show you how to find bones and the best tools to use to harvest bones. Bones can be used in multiple recipes to make building items, armor and even wind chimes!

How To Get Bones In Conan Exiles

You get bones in Conan Exiles by killing monsters, NPCs and other players. Use an axe or pickaxe and hack away at the corpses to harvest bones.

As far as we can tell, the amount of bones you get per person you kill is random. If you find any skeletons (there’s plenty in the desert that’s South of Shattered Springs) you can farm plenty there and they often yield more bones.

You’ll also find some bones in boxes at camps. We’d recommend taking any bones you find then totally destroying the box. That way it will respawn next time to visit the area.

You can use bones in Conan Exiles for recipes such as Bone Broth (soup + a bone). You can also craft armor, weapons and ornaments. Try bringing 20 bones to the Artisan’s Worktable and mix it with 5 branches and 50 Stone to create Stygian Tripod Brazier!

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