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Conan Exiles Tar Farming, Locations And Uses

conan exiles tar

There are so many different types of resources to collect in Conan Exiles that it can be a little overwhelming. One of those items you’ll be looking for is Conan Exiles Tar, which comes in very handy.

In the following guide, we’ll show you how to get Tar, and what it’s used for. You’ll also discover that it’s extremely important in the construction of steel.

First up, you’ll need to build a tannery. You can unlock this building once you reach level 10.

Then, you need get your hands on some Hide or Thick Hide. You can farm the latter from some of the bigger creatures in the game, such as Elephant and Crocodiles. Find the Rhino locations, and you’ll farm a ton of thick hide!

Next, you need to tan the hide in the tannery. This will produce Conan Exiles Tar.

Now that you have Tar in your inventory slot, you can use it to craft steelfire. This is a very important resource as it can be used to create steel bars and hardened steel. These items allow you to craft better armor.

Here’s the process once you’ve made your tar:

  1. Mix Brimstone and Tar to make 1 steelfire
  2. Mix 1 steelfire and 5 iron bars to create a steel bar

You can now craft items such as a steel shield which will help you in battle.

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