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Conan Exiles: How to Make Armor Flexibility Kit

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One of the many consumables in Conan Exiles is the Armor Flexibility Kit. It can be crafted at the Armorer’s Bench and be created with just a couple of easy to get ingredients.

To make the Armor Flexibility kit, you’ll need 10 Steel Bars and 10 Leather. When crafted, this kit will make your armor more flexible. You may not notice a change to your stats, but this is great for climbing, allowing you to make your ascent faster!

How To Make The Armor Flexibility Kit In Conan Exiles

You’ll need to unlock the Apprentice Craftsman and Tannery before you can create leather (you can unlock this with knowledge points and create it with a mixture of stone, wood, bark and twine).

Place hide into your Tannery, alongside some bark, which acts as fuel, and start crafting. The Armor Flexibility kit will take approximately 20 seconds to craft.

Steel bars are a little more complicated! Check out the Conan Exiles How To Make Steel Bar guide for more information.

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