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Conan Exiles: How To Get Hardened Steel

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So, we’ve already shown you how to make a Steel Bar in Conan Exiles, but just how do you go about making Hardened Steel? This material comes in very handy for creating a range of recipes from steel boots to a steel shield.

First up, you need two steel bars, which you can get by crafting the Cauldron with x50 Iron Bars and x25 Twine. You need to make Steelfire, which you can do by mixing Tar, Brimstone and fuel in your Cauldron.

Conan Exiles Guide To Crafting Hardened Steel

Then, craft a furnace with 540 pieces of stone and mix the Steelfire with x5 Iron Bars. Voila! 1 Steel Bar.

Now to get hardened steel, you’ll need 2 steel bars and 1 brimstone. Mix these two together with fuel in your furnace to create a hardened steel bar.

Wondering how to get Brimstone in Conan Exiles? You can harvest it in the desert using a Stone Pick, Iron Pick or Steel Pick. Look out for the Rocknose creatures as they can also drop from them.

Once, you’ve made your new material, you’ll be able to use it at the Armorsmith. Among the items that you can craft with Hardened Steel and other ingredients are Exceptional Hardened Steel Tasset, Flawless Hardened Steel Shield and Silent Legion Pauldron

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