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Conan Exiles Thralls Guide Includes Types And How To Capture – PS4

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Conan Exiles has a slavery system that involves Thralls. You can tame them and train them, but the thing is, first you have to find them. Check out this Conan Exiles Thralls Guide and find out how make them do what you want.

Thralls in Conan Exiles are NPCs that you can capture and set to work. They’ll fight creatures, build and even craft items. So taming thralls is a very useful skill.

At level 10 in Conan Exiles, you’ll unlock the ability to use Thralls. Simply spend your knowledge points on the “Thrall Taker” and you’ll be able to craft a new range of materials that you’ll need.

Anyone out in the wild is considered a thrall unless they have a pre-determined role in the game, such as a quest-giving NPC. Thralls also have different skills and fit into various categories, from Archers to Tanners. Skip further down to see the full list of Thrall specializations.

How To Capture A Thrall

Okay, let’s skip to the basics. First up, you need to know how to capture a thrall. You’ll need to have three things in your arsenal.

1.Truncheon. You can craft truncheons using 5 x Branch, 10 x Plant Fiber and 10 x Leather.

2.Fiber Bindings. Craft these bindings with 10 x Twine and 10 x Plant Fiber.

  1. Lesser Wheel of Pain. This building item can be made with 220 x Wood, 210 x Stone, 100 x Iron Bar and 38 x Twine.

Now, go knock out a thrall with your truncheon, you’ll notice that it will tell you what his specialization is! tie them up with Fiber Bindings and take them to the Wheel of Pain. Interact with the wheel and your newly found slave will be placed inside.

You’ll need some fuel such as gruel or feral flesh to start the Lesser Wheel of Pain. Place it in the slots and your new slave will start crafting! When complete you can place your Thrall whenever you like.

You can assign him to a job by interacting with the likes of the tannery or the blacksmith, or place him like you would do an item in a specific spot. Remember that they have different specializations, so it’s best to assign them to where they will work best.

Conan Exiles Thralls Types

Thrall Specialization

What To Use Them For

AlchemistBest using Cauldron
ArcherPlace in area when you need defence
ArmorerBest at Armorer’s Bench
BearerUseful for carrying stuff
BlacksmithUse at Blacksmith Bench
CarpenterPerfect at Carpenter’s Bench
CookCauldron, Bonfire, Campfire
EntertainerGreat in dark caves as they remove your corruption
FighterThey’ll guard an area for you
PriestThere’s three different priests. Place them at their specific shrine, sepulcher or pit
SmelterBest at the furnace
TannerPut him at the Tannery

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