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Conan Exiles Legendary Weapons Complete List

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Discover all of the 40 Legendary Weapons using our guide. If you are hungry for combat and action-filled adventure, you need to be patient in finding legendary loot chests because it is the only way that you can get Conan Exiles legendary weapons – they cannot be crafted using resources and materials. Finding legendary loot chest is not the only challenge because you need to reach level 60 and collect skeleton keys to open the chests.

Your efforts are worth it because you can choose from a wide array of Conan Exiles Legendary weapons from swords, axes, spears, daggers, greatswords, maces, hammers, and bows. Each weapon has its own amount of damage caused, a percentage of armor penetration, toughness, weight, and bonuses. These weapons when properly used are deadly and powerful.

Legendary Swords

Weapon NameDamageArmor PenetrationToughnessWeightBonus
Tulwar of Amir Khurum489.9%13503.5Cripple
Dueling Blade of the Hawk509.45%13503.5Cripple, Bonus Agility
The Wightblade509.45%13503.5Cripple, Bonus Vitality
The Bane of Khostral Khel509.45%13503.5Cripple, Bonus Strength
El’s Drinker529%13503.5Cripple

Legendary Axes

Weapon NameDamageToughnessWeightBonus
Reaver’s Axe5113504.03Shield smash
Strangely Familiar Axe5313504.03Shield smash, Bonus Grit
Axe of the Lion5313504.03Shield smash, Bonus Strength
Battle-axe of the Berserkers5313504.03Shield smash, Bonus Health
Glimmermoon5613504.03Shield smash

Legendary Spears

Weapon NameDamageArmor PenetrationToughnessWeightBonus
Warspear of the Black Circle438.1%21004.38
Gavain’s Rusty Pike489.9%21004.38
The Impaler509.45%4004.38
Vaulting Pole509.45%21004.38Bonus Agility
Black Dragon Pike558.1%11204.38Bonus Stamina

Legendary Daggers

Weapon NameDamageArmor PenetrationToughnessWeightBonus
Akbitanan Blades3913.5%18002.45Bleed
Daggers of Nameless Days4114.18%18002.45Bleed
Zhaibar Knives4114.18%9002.45Bleed, Bonus Agility
The Grim4313.5%9002.45Bleed

Legendary Greatswords

Weapon NameDamageArmor PenetrationToughnessWeightBonus
The Watchblade6013.5%72005.25Cripple
The Papyrus Blade6014.85%18005.25Cripple
Jedias Greatsaber6314.18%18005.25Cripple
Baal-pteor’s Razor6314.18%18005.25Cripple, Bonus Encumbrance
Blade of the Adventurer6613.5%18005.25Cripple

Legendary Maces

Weapon NameDamageArmor PenetrationToughnessWeightBonus
Lovetap133004.55Shield smash
Aja’s Bane5018.9%16504.55Shield smash, Bonus Strength
The Unintelligible5018.9%16504.55Shield smash, Bonus Survival and Encumbrance
Momentum5218.0%16504.55Shield smash
The Brittle Bastard5516.2%4004.55Shield smash

Legendary Hammers

Weapon NameDamageArmor PenetrationToughnessWeightBonus
Sledge of Tsotha-lanti5427%48005.25Sunder
Baal-pteor’s Lodestone5628.35%24005.25Sunder, Bonus Strength
Hanuman’s Gada5927%240050.0Sunder

Legendary Bows

TitleDamageArmor PenetrationDurabilityWeightPerks
Bessie’s Bow189.45%15003.5Bonus Grit
The Huntress189.45%15003.5Bonus Survival
Eye of the Khan189.45%15003.5Bonus Accuracy

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