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Conan Exiles Feathers – Where To Find Them and Recipes For Arrows

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In order to get Conan Exiles feathers, the first thing you’ll need to do is craft yourself a bow. This vital resource is essential for crafting arrows and can also be used for creating pillows.

The bow is a fantastic ranged weapon. If you’re a player who prefers ranged attacks than melee, we also recommend you checking out our Conan Exiles attributes guide as you’ll want to focus on assigning points to your accuracy attribute.

So, the simplest bow to create in order to get feathers in Conan Exiles is the Hunting Bow. This can be crafted with 7 branches, 13 hides and 13 Twine. Now you’ve got your bow in hand, it’s time to find the feather locations!

In the starting area, there’s plenty of vultures that you can shoot down. They nest in high areas, so you’ll going to have to climb and have a search around. Stay your distance otherwise you’ll scare the vulture. And get a direct hit to kill them.

Then use your knife to harvest it and get feathers. You can also get more Conan Exiles features by using a harvesting tool on vulture nests. It may seem hard to find feathers in Conan Exiles, but remember that birds like to nest up high, so head up the cliffs and you’ll soon find plenty.

You can also get plenty of feathers from Ostriches. Once again, use your bow as they will run off quickly if you approach them too fast.

Conan Exiles Feathers – Recipes

Among the recipes you can create are Ice Shard Arrows and Ice Shard Bolts. Use 10 x Branch, 10 x Ice Shard and 2 x Feathers to create 10 Ice Shard Arrows at the Altar of Yimir. You can also create:

Materials Needed

Where to craft

Item gained

2 x Dragon Bone, 5 x Feather

BlacksmithDragonbone arrows

10 x Branch, 5 x Abysmal Fang, 1 x Feather


Abysmal Arrow

1 x Ironhead Arrow, 5 x Tar, 3 x dragon powder, 4 x featherCarpenters

Explosive Arrow

There’s also many other feather recipes you can create. Check out the Conan Exiles Gamepedia page for more examples.

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