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Days Gone 2 Fan Petition Has Now Surpassed 50,000 Signatures

The Days Gone 2 fan petition has now eclipsed 50,000 signatures, as gamers continue their efforts to have Sony green light a sequel to Bend Studio’s 2019 PS4 title.

The petition came up following a Bloomberg report that claimed Sony decided not to give the go ahead to Days Gone 2, despite the open-world title turning a profit. However, it appears that the game’s Metacritic score of 71 put the format holder off the idea of a sequel.

There’s millions of people who want Sony PlayStation to approve Days Gone 2. They can’t just pull the plug on such a amazing game that ended with a cliff hanger.

While petitions such as this do little to influence a game developer’s decision when it comes to future projects, it has attracted the attention of Jeff Ross, Days Gone‘s director, who had the following to say on Twitter:

Thanks to everyone for getting the Days Gone petition to 50,000! No matter where this thing ends, I just want you all to know how much your love means to me and members of the team. Days Gone fans are the best fans!

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Days Gone developer SIE Bend Studio is now working on a new IP, and the original game is now available to download as part of the April 2021 PS Plus free games lineup.

Speaking of Metacritic, former Sony Bend developer John Garvin suggested that this score is ‘everything’ to Sony. He also revealed that gamers should support a game by purchasing it at its full price.

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