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Destiny 2 – How to Get Sturm

Sturm is a pretty underused Hand Cannon, if we are being honest. With so many Exotic Hand Cannons in the game, it’s hard to choose just one. However, Sturm has a cool relationship with its counterpart gun, the Drang. Once you complete the quest to get Drang, your Sturm is not far off. So let’s get into it.

Step 1.

Get Drang

This quest step is called My Captain and will kick off the next three steps for Sturm.

Drang is the companion weapon to the Sturm. With both weapons equipped, a kill with one would reload the other, while stowed.

Step 2

  • Decrypt 5 Legendary Engrams
  • Defeat enemies with Drang
  • Acquire an Exotic Engram

Step 3

Use Drang to defeat Fallen enemies without reloading.

Step 4

Complete mission: Relics of the Golden Age

As you can see, the Hand Cannon isn’t as difficult to get as other Exotics. Either way, it is a novelty weapon. We hope this guide has helped.

We have plenty of How to Get Exotic quest guides here at PSU, and you can find a few of them below. As more Exotics get released, the more guides we will get up for you.

As always, keep your eyes up to PSU for more, Guardian.

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