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Devil May Cry director teases secret game again

Hideaki Itsuno, director of Dragon’s Dogma and Devil May Cry 2, 3, and 4 is at it again. The big tease.

Itsuno has followed up his early January hint at a secret new game in the the works with a fresh tweet that reassures the project is going well, and that of course, we should please expect it.

The previous tweet was this,


With Devil May Cry 5 whispers intensifying, it seems likely that the project is the still unannounced sequel to Dante’s hack n’ slash adventures. It would see a return to an Eastern development team after Ninja Theory handled the controversial (yet very bloody good) DmC: Devil May Cry in 2013.

Itsuno has been teasing his hush hush project for a good while now. Every time he does so the expectation is something about to be announced, yet no fruit beared to date.

That this comes so close to the last tease does suggest things truly are on the way. Especially given the celebratory nature of the image Itsuno tweeted with the dev team.

Devil May Cry needs a reboot, says Kamiya

If not Devil May Cry 2, could it be Dragon’s Dogma 2? Or even the forgotten Deep Down? Nah, Devil May Cry seems the sure pick here.

As much as Nu-Dante’s time ending is unfair, it will be intriguing to see where the original Dante goes this time in Devil May Cry 5.

In the meantime, a Devil May Cry HD Collection is incoming on PS4. It will bring the first three Devil May Cry titles to PS4. That will mean every Devil May Cry will be featured on PS4.

Not sure why subjecting the world to Devil May Cry 2 again would be considered a good idea, but hey ho. Always room for a bit of extra suffering in the world.