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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT TV spots air ahead of latest open Beta

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With the open Beta a week away in the West (and just starting in Japan) Square-Enix has released a pair of television spots for the upcoming fightfest Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

The two commercials, airing in Japan, mostly consist of excerpts from cinematic cutscenes. Yet there’s a brief flash of gameplay in there too. There’s more than a few familiar faces for series fans to point and squeal/shout at. We see you there Cloud, Squall, Noctis, Zidane, and Lightning.

The upcoming second Beta phase is set for January 11. It should give players a decent sampling of Dissidia’s characters, modes, and combat ahead of the Western release date of January 30. In the meantime, you could try and win a Dissidia Final Fantasy NT arcade cabinet.

It will be interesting to see how the Final Fantasy focused fighter will fare. It has the Final Fantasy name, and a stupendously large roster of 28 characters from Final Fantasy past and present (stretching to 50 with post-release content). It arrives, however, just a few short days after another, rather more impressive-looking, fighter, Dragon Ball FighterZ. Different beasts (though they are both 3v3 fighters), but its genuinely intriguing to see how they do out in the wild both critically and commercially.

PlayStation Universe did have an extensive amount of hands-on time with Dissidia Final Fantasy NT during a visit to Square-Enix’s offices last year. We found much to like about it, all of which you can read here in 6 Things we loved about Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.