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Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time TARDIS PSVR Trailer Released

A new trailer for Doctor Who: The Edge of Time has dropped today, offering us our first decent look at the Doctor’s TARDIS. It’s a short trailer, but gives Doctor Who fans a sneak peek of something they have always wanted: being able to walk around the time machine that the Doctor stole all those years ago, and in VR to boot.

Hopefully the game will depict the scale and majesty of this iconic time machine. We are hoping you will get to play with all the little panels, its various gizmos and actually pilot the amazing Type 40 time travel capsule to your required destination in time.

The trailer is included below for you to take a look at.

Virtual Reality Is A Perfect Fit

We really think that Doctor Who is great material for a virtual reality game, being a medium that can finally showcase the vastness of the inside of the TARDIS. Being able to stand outside and walk into an impossible piece of science will be amazing, as will the chance to witness the moment all companions get to experience: walking into an object that’s smaller on the outside than the inside. We certainly cannot wait.

Other things really lend themselves to a good Doctor Who VR game too — the Sonic Screwdriver, for example. Being able to use the move controller as the Doctor’s all-in-one multitool is a must, surely. Also, a slight horror vibe to the game would go down well too, especially if you can mix it up with creatures such as the Weeping Angels and the Daleks.

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How do you feel about battling the Doctor’s greatest foes on PSVR? Is it something you can see yourself buying? Let us know below.