DLC Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9 DLC Plans Include New Missions And Playable Characters

Koei Tecmo has revealed the DLC plans for open world musou Dynasty Warriors 9.

Three DLC packs, containing a variety of additions to the base game, will be released from next month. Dynasty Warriors 9 Season Pass owners can claim these as soon as they become available. For anyone else, the DLC will be made available to purchase separately.

You can see what’s coming to Dynasty Warriors 9 from now until Summer in the notes below.

Dynasty Warriors 9 DLC Plans

April 2018: Hideaway Customisation Pack

  • Five Hideaway exteriors
  • Ten new furniture
  • Five trial missions that can be taken repeatedly

May 2018: Additional Weapon Pack

  • Three new weapon types with new actions (move sets)
  • Three models of high-leveled weapons

Summer 2018: Additional Scenario Pack

  • The unique NPCs Xiahou Ji, Dong Bai, Hua Xiong, and Yuan Shu will be made as playable characters. They will also have their own action gameplay, scenarios, and events.

Plenty to sink your teeth into if you’re a Dynasty Warriors 9 fan. We certainly enjoyed it, as our review shows. You can check out the latest patch notes here, where you’ll find plenty has been tweaked and fixed since launch.