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Embracer Group Looks To ‘Massively Enhance Game Development’ With New AI Policy

Embracer Group has revealed during its annual report that the Swedish industry giant is set to “massively enhance” video game development by “increasing resource efficiency, adding intelligent behaviours, personalisation, and optimisation to gameplay experiences” using a new AI policy package.

The company believes that leveraging AI technology will allow it to produce more engaging and immersive experience that allows players to enjoy a “unique, dynamic, and personalised experience.”

“We also see great opportunities for AI in game development speed, logistics and planning. Embracer Group also understands the potential risks associated with the use of AI,” said Embracer Group, adding, “AI can also be used within areas such as logistics or HR to improve planning, decision-making, support talent acquisition and enhance employee experiences or retention.”

Companies within Embracer Group that utilize AI within their operations are subject to general as well as specific laws and requirements that impact the development and use of AI. These requirements are, due to the nature of AI applications, comprehensive and require, among others, documentation, risk assessments as well as continuous updates.

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Embracer Group last year started a new restructuring program within the company that saw thousands of people lose their jobs, not to mention the closure of a number of game developers including Volition, Free Radical Entertainment, and most recently, Pieces Interactive.

[Source – Game Developer]