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Fan Petition For Days Gone 2 Has Hit 15,000 Signatures And Rapidly Growing

Sony Bend is not working on Days Gone 2, and fans aren’t happy about it. In fact, they’re so miffed that they’ve put together a petition to get Sony to approve the sequel, which has amassed over 15,000 signatures and climbing fast.

The petition has 15,278 signatures at the time of writing and is growing rapidly, with the next goal being 25,000.

In case you missed it, Days Gone 2 was reportedly pitched by the director of the original game, but Sony wasn’t keen on the idea despite the fact Days Gone was a commercial success. Apparently, the game’s critical reception was to blame for Sony’s reluctance to green-light a sequel.

Days Gone was released for the PS4 in April 2019, and can now be picked up for free as part of the April 2021 PS Plus free games lineup.

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Sony Bend is now reportedly working on a brand new IP.