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HBO’s The Last Of Us Makes History Once Again For Live-Action Video Game Adaptations With 24 Emmy Nominations

When HBO’s The Last Of Us was airing earlier this year, it was making history for live-action video game adaptations with its viewer numbers week in and week out.

On Wednesday, when the list of Emmy Nominations were announced, the show made history once again by becoming the first live-action video game adaptation to get an Emmy nomination at all – and it did it 24 times over.

Both Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey have nominations for their leading roles, while the show as a whole is nominated for best drama series.

Showrunner and writer Craig Mazin was also nominated for best writing for a drama series, and director Peter Hoar was nominated for best directing for a drama series for his work on The Last Of Us.

Nick Offerman and Murrary Bartlett were also nominated for their roles as Bill and Frank, and both Lamar Johnson and Keivonn Montreal Woodard were nominated for their roles as Henry and Sam.

Anna Torv was nominated for her role as Tess, Melanie Lynskey was nominated for her show-original role as Kathleen, and Storm Reid was nominated for her portrayal of Ellie’s first love, Riley.

Now we’ll just have to tune in to this year’s Emmy’s on September 18, 2023 to find out if The Last Of Us will win any of its 24 nominations.

Source – [TheHollywoodReporter]