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Here Is How Kena, Scarlet Nexus, Ghostwire Tokyo, Life Is Strange: True Colors, and More Will Use The DualSense

Sony Interactive Entertainment has taken to the PlayStation Blog to share how a number of key developers, including those behind the likes of Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Scarlet Nexus, Ghostwire Tokyo, and Life is Strange: True Colors, will be implementing DualSense features in their games.

With Kena, players will be able to make a lot of use of the adaptive triggers thanks the character’s bow, which can be transformed from a staff. Drawing the bow will immediately add resistance to the triggers as you would expect, which is combined with haptic feedback to give you the ‘sensation of drawing a bow.’

Tango Gameworks’ Ghostwire: Tokyo meanwhile will implement haptic feedback allowing players to ‘attune themselves to their surroundings,’ which is complemented by ‘otherworldly voices emanating from the controller’s speakers.’ The adaptive triggers come into play during combat, with players wielding elemental powers that are given ‘their own distinct, tangible feeling.’

For Life is Strange: True Colors, developer Deck Nine is using the DualSense’s light bar to showcase the emotions that Alex’s supernatural powers are able to detect among others, from the ‘burning red of Anger, sharp purple of Fear, deep blue of Sadness, and shining gold of Joy.’ Elsewhere, the left trigger of the pad will strengthen in terms of feedback as you pull it when Alex’s power grows.

Moving on, Bandai Namco Games’ Scarlet Nexus taps into the DualSense’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers for the game’s use of telekinetic powers. The latter simulates the weight and resistance when picking up objects in-game, while the former allows players to feel the sensation of moving objectives left or right with their powers.

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Also from the same studio is Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operations 2, which ‘utilise the DualSense controller to better imitate the feeling of firing various weapons, from resistance when pulling the trigger to feedback that indicates your projectile hits its target.

Weapons have unique vibration patterns, from machine guns to beam rifles, while pulling L2 or R2 to attack will give you an immediate resistance to replicate the sensation of pulling a trigger.

You can read on how Returnal uses the DualSense features here.

[Source – PlayStation Blog]