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Hidetaka Miyazaki Is Still Looking To “Sharpen” The Combat Philosophy FromSoftware Has Built Up Since Bloodborne Through To Elden Ring

FromSoftware is days away from releasing Shadow Of The Erdtree, the first and only DLC expansion for its 2022 epic, Elden Ring. A masterpiece of a game which in many ways felt like a culmination of design efforts seen in previous FromSoftware titles.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, president and creative director at FromSoftware and the director for games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Bloodborne and Elden Ring spoke in a recent interview with GameInformer about the journey he and the team took to making Elden Ring, how their design philosophies led to Elden Ring and how he feels there’s still room for refinement.

Speaking about the combat philosophy and FromSoftware’s approach to combat, he said “It’s become something much more fluid and active, I think, which was a very defining characteristic of Sekiro, and it’s something I’ve been thinking about since Bloodborne.

Perhaps in Sekiro, it appears most obviously or its the clearest form that I think that philosophy can embody. And personally, I think there’s one more level we can crank it up to and sharpen that and hone in on that mechanic even more, but I think Sekiro was a big turning point.”

Elden Ring was already a jump forward for combat in FromSoftware games, and its new DLC is another step even further. it’s exciting to think about what FromSoftware’s next game will look like as Miyazaki and the team continue to sharpen and refine their design.

Source – [GameInformer]