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How To Get Monster Hunter World Demon Powder

monster hunter world demon powder

Monster Hunter World demon powder is a rare resource that you can find in Capcom’s action-adventure. This powder has great power so it’s worth gathering!

In the following Monster Hunter World demon powder guide, we’ll tell you all about this mysterious powder, including where to find it and how to craft it.

What Is the Benefit of Demon Powder?

Get hold of this powerful substance and you’ll be able to temporarily strengthen attacks. This will boost the attack of all your nearby fellow hunters too.

How To Get Monster Hunter World Demon Powder

Demon Powder has a rarity value of 4 and can be sold for 315 gold. Usually, you can find items by carrying out various quests and from monster drops. However, we believe the only way to get demon powder in Monster Hunter World is by crafting it.

How To Craft Monster Hunter World Demon Powder

To craft this substance, you’ll need Godbug and Might Seed. To get Godbug, there are numerous quests you can complete, including Persistent Pests and A Rotten Request. Note – there’s still only a 15% chance of this item dropped.

You can get Might Seed from some of the optional quests. You can also gather it in Areas 10 and 12 of Rotten Vale. Combine these two ingredients to make demon powder.

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