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Hyper Scape PS4 Release Date, Closed Beta, Crossplay, Free To Play, Details


Hyper Scape PS4 release date. Hyper Scape PS4 closed beta. Hyper Scape PS4 free to play. Hyper Scape PS4 Details. Hyper Space PS4. Hyper Scape PS4 Crossplay. With Ubisoft‘s new Battle Royale being officially revealed we have all the details on Hyper Scape for PS4 including when you can expect it to release, its pricing model and details about crossplay and gameplay. Let’s find out

Hyper Scape PS4 Release Date – When Does Hyper Scape Release For PS4?

The Hyper Scape PS4 Release Date is August 11, 2020. The game is available to download right now from the PlayStation Store here. A report from the end of June said that the game will be releasing later in 2020 for PS4 after it has come out on PC, but this turned out to be false.

Hyper Scape PS4 Closed Beta Details – Will A Hyper Scape PS4 Closed Beta Happen?

Hyper Scape will not be getting a closed beta on PS4, alongside its PC closed beta and open beta which is currently running. We also don’t know if the twitch integration in the game and the ability for you to earn Twitch Drops will also apply to the PS4 release.

Hyper Scape PS4 Crossplay – Does HyperScape Have Crossplay?

Crossplay for Hyper Scape hasn’t been confirmed, but a report from late June suggested that the game would indeed feature it when the PS4 version releases later this year.

Hyper Scape PS4 Free To Play – Is Hyper Scape Free To Play?

Hyper Scape is indeed free-to-play, with you able to download the game for no charge. However, the game will feature in-app purchases and skins to buy, alongside other cosmetic items, as well as a Battle Pass.

Hyper Scape PS4 Details – Everything We Know About Hyper Scape.

Hyper Scape is the latest game from the Rainbow Six Siege team at Ubisoft, who have blended the three-player team mechanics of other game’s with the art style of Valorant and the crisp shooting Rainbow Six is known for. We will hear more about the game in the coming days and weeks. You can read more about it here.