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Just Cause 4 Cow Gun Location: Easter Egg

Just Cause 4 Cow Gun Location

Just Cause 4 has a few wacky easter eggs. One of which is a gun that turns enemies into cows when they are shot. In order to use this gun, you have to find it in the world. Here is the Just Cause 4 Cow Gun Location.

Just Cause 4 Cow Gun Location – Udderly Bizzare

The location of the cow gun is in the bottom left corner of the map. It is slightly north-east of Vaivenes.

Just Cause 4 Cow Gun Location

If you land, you will find a house on a farm.

Just Cause 4 Cow Gun Location

On the porch of that house is the Cow Gun.

Just Cause 4 Cow Gun Location

This gun has infinite ammo and does not need to be reloaded. On top of that, if you hit the alternate fire button, which is R1, you can turn yourself into a cow.

Not only is this hilarious but you can actually earn a trophy for turning ten members of The Black hand into cows in one play session. So, head to the nearest occupied Black Hand Territory, such as the airport slightly East. Doing this will earn you the appropriately named Cow-Moo-Flage trophy.

Just Cause 4 Cow Gun Location

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