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Just Cause 4 Trailer Showcases High Quality Cinematics

Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 has just received a new trailer and once again focuses on the game’s chaotic physics systems. However, this time we got a glimpse at the game’s cutscenes, which look amazing. The quality of these cinematics, which I hope are in the game, showcase a night and day difference from Just Cause 3, which released in 2015. They show off the power of the game’s new engine.

The trailer also offers more information about the game’s antagonist group, The Black Hand.

Just Cause 4 launches on December 4, 2018, for PlayStation 4.

Just Cause 4 – Other Information About The Game

Just Cause 4 is the fourth installment in the hit franchise from Square Enix and Avalanche Studios. It uses a brand new engine, that allows for gigantic weather effects, such as a dust storm or a Tornado. There is also a brand new arsenal of weapons that you can use to blow everything you see up.

The game was originally announced at E3 2018. This announcement showcased the game’s weather effects, as well as the overhauled grapple system. We later got an extended gameplay demo, which gave us a look at the destructible world of Just Cause 4. We saw how you can use the environment to your advantage as well as the crazy weather scenarios.

Just Cause 4 is looking to be a great addition to the franchise and a huge step up from 2015’s Just Cause 3.

What do you think about this latest trailer for the game?