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Marvel’s Spider-Man Update 1.14 Adds Two New Suits

Spider-Man Platinum Trophy

Despite all of Marvel’s Spider-Man DLC content being out, Insomniac is still updating this hit game with new content. Today’s latest update adds two brand new suits, as well as fixing some bugs, via GearNuke.

The two new suits are the Future Foundation Suit and the Bombastic Big-Man Suit. You can see the Future Foundation suit below:

Marvel's Spider-Man Update 1.14 Adds Two New Suits

On top of that, there are two new fixes with the patch notes reading:

Addressed an issue where players could not access Fast travel from subway entrances.

Addressed an issue where the Aaron Aikman Armor would not unlock if the player leveled up right after unlocking the suit.

That covers it, they are pretty brief patch notes; however, the addition of two suits is nice to see.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is now available on PlayStation 4.

We loved Marvel’s Spider-Man in our review stating “Insomniac Games has brought Spider-Man to vivid life like never before.” On top of that, you can read our reviews for all three DLC’s: The Heist, Turf Wars, and Silver Lining. We also found out last month that Marvel’s Spider-Man is the fastest selling superhero game in history, hopefully setting the trend for the future.

Will you be hopping back in to try out these new suits?

Source – [GearNuke and Reddit]