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Monster Hunter World Golden Egg Makes You Money

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Among the many items you can discover in Capcom's adventure, the Monster Hunter World Golden Egg is one of the most precious. You'll pick up the Golden Egg by completing quests, so you're probably wondering what to do with it.

Golden eggs are not the same as Golden Gargwa Eggs, which you can use for fate decorations. Unlike items such as the Wingdrake Hide and the Sinister Cloth, you also can't break them down to help create armor or improve your weapons.

What Can You Do With A Monster Hunter World Golden Egg

Simple. Sell it. Get rid of it. You'll make a tidy profit from selling your Golden Egg and there's absolutely nothing else you can use it for. You'll get multiple eggs throughout the game, and some adventurers like to keep one of each as a memento, but you don't need it.

Simply, head to the provisions vendor in Astera and select the Golden Egg from your inventory to sell. You'll pick up approximately 20,000 zenny, which is a tidy profit!

Since its launch in January, Monster Hunter World sales have continued to soar and break records. Indeed, it's become Capcom's best selling game ever. If you're just starting off on your journey, check out our Monster Hunter World tips guide and read the review.