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Netflix Showcases Liam Hemsworth As Geralt In Teaser For The Witcher TV Show Season 4

After Henry Caville left Netflix’s tv show adaptation of The Witcher, questions abound as to who would replace him, and when it was revealed that Liam Hemsworth would carry the torch, even more questions were asked.

Chiefly fans were wondering how Hemsworth would look in full Geralt garb, and on Wednesday, we finally have the answer. In a short teaser trailer for Season 4 of The Witcher tv show, we get our first official look at Hemsworth as Geralt.

It’s a short look, where the camera zooms in on Hemsworth in an ominous setting, who then turns his head towards the camera, before it cuts to a title screen.

Even though Hemsworth is just stepping into the role, he won’t be starting a whole new chapter for the show. Instead he’s getting it to the finish line, since Netflix has already confirmed that the show will end with a fifth and final season.

Season’s 4 and 5 are going to be filmed at the same time, so once filming has concluded, the end of this adaptation will be that much nearer.

When the show does end, it’ll be interesting to see how it goes out, in regards to how the show narratively ends, and in how audiences receive it. Back when The Witcher first launched, it was praised, alongside the first Sonic film, of being the start of a new-era of video game-to-tv/film adaptations.

A few years and soon to be five seasons worth of tv later, The Witcher no longer stands alone with excellent shows like Amazon’s recent Fallout tv show, HBO’s The Last Of Us, and more on the way.

Even if The Witcher isn’t able to stick the landing when it comes to an end, it’ll always be significant for being the show that acted as proof there is a way to do solid video game adaptations, and that there’s a huge audience for them.

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