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New Footage Released By SEGA From Possible Judgment Sequel


A collection of new clips from what may be a Judgment sequel has been posted by SEGA on the Japanese Twitter account for the series.

The new clips show entirely new scenes which didn’t appear in the original game or the PS5 remaster, leading people to believe that they are cutscenes from the new game, which has been teased and rumored. The quality of these scenes are also far beyond what we saw in the original release, suggesting that Judgment will be a next-gen release. A reveal is currently set for May 7, for some kind of announcement related to the series.

Gematsu has pulled all these new clips together for you to watch below:


Judgment just released on PS5 and while the game is just as good as it was on PS4, the PS5 port is disappointing, not really utilising the PS5 and its unique features. You can read our review here.

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Source – [SEGA, Gematsu]