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New PlayStation 5 CFI-1200 Models Releasing September 15 In Japan, According To Retailer GEO

On its website, Japanese media retailer chain GEO now has a product page for the next revision models of the PlayStation 5, the CFI-1200 series, with a release date of September 15 for Japan listed.

September 15 is also the date the PS5 price increase will go into effect in Japan.

No additional details on any significant new changes or differences of the PS5 CFI-1200 consoles are available at this time.

Like the previous CFI-1100 revision, any changes are expected to be internally, with the console exterior design and size being the same.

The existence of the PS5 CFI-1200 was first spotted from certification filings Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affair and Communications regarding the new model’s radio and wireless communication equipment.

Previously, the current PS5 CFI-1100 model series was the first revision the PS5 and saw changes including an easier stand screw and a 300 gram reduction in weight due to a smaller heat sink. It’s very likely the CFI-1200 consoles will receive internal changes to make the PS5 cheaper and/or easier to manufacture.

GEO has made headlines in the past for their various methods of discouraging PS5 reselling, such as marking the internal packaging and requiring customers to sell their PS4s in order to buy a PS5.

Source: GEO via GameWatch