No Man's Sky PS4

No Man’s Sky 1.53 Update Deploys Frigates And Freighter Fixes

no man's sky 1.53 update

Following the NEXT multiplayer update last week, No Man’s Sky update 1.53 is now available to download on PS4. This latest patch tackles some outstanding issues in order to make gameplay a little smoother.

Some of the changes detailed in No Man’s Sky update 1.53 are a direct result of issues following the major update. One of those was a problem with restoring game saves. There’s also some improvements to animations and issues with frigate damage.

No Man’s Sky 1.53 Update Patch Notes

  • Fix to restore savegames for players affected by a specific issue with freighter expeditions
  • Fix for an occasional white screen crash during loading
  • Fix for frigates not reporting their damaged state correctly
  • Fix for an issue that could block players in the “fuel the warp drive” stage of the tutorial
  • Fix for repairing broken ship slots in Creative Mode
  • Improvements to exocraft laser damage
  • Improvements for animations while turning, jetpacking, and standing on objects
  • Memory optimizations to improve stability
  • Preventative fix for potential stability issue with mission handling

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