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No Man’s Sky Pure Ferrite: How To Get And Make It Fast

no man's sky pure ferrite

Alongside Chromatic Metal, No Man’s Sky Pure Ferrite is another new resource. Arriving following update 1.5, players can now search for this new crafting item.

In the latest update, players can now enjoy better base-building, online multiplayer and new regions to explore. In the following tutorial, we’ll tell you all about No Man’s Sky Pure Ferrite and how to get this precious resource.

In order to make Pure Ferrite, you’ll need to craft it. You do this with a portable refiner which you can craft in the menu using Oxygen and Metal Plating. You now need to turn Ferrite into Pure Ferrite by placing it into the refiner.

Ferrite is a very common resource which can be gathered by mining rocks on most planets. Use carbon to power up the refiner and place Ferrite inside to make Pure Ferrite.

It’s as simple as that! If your refiner isn’t working, there is some issues right now. If that’s the case, you may have to wait for fix from Hello Games. Players are also still reporting loading shaders issues, but we’re hoping that will also be patched soon.

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