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Where To Get No Man’s Sky Cobalt The Easy Way

no man's sky cobalt

Are you looking for the No Man’s Sky Cobalt? Search no more! Here we reveal where and how you can get the precious element Cobalt. Hello Games just dropped a whopping No Man’s Sky update called NEXT. No Man’s Sky PS4 has new features fans will enjoy like upgraded Freighters and a Portable Refiner.

What’s No Man’s Sky Cobalt?

Cobalt is one of the most valuable resources in the No Man Sky’s update 2018. It is a mineral with Co as a symbol with 198.0 base units. Using a Refiner, you can derive Ionised Cobalt from pure Cobalt resource. You need two Cobalt to produce one Ionized Cobalt. Ionized Cobalt creates Advanced Ion Battery which is a great source of power for Exosuit.

Where to get No Man’s Sky Cobalt

Cobalt is not that hard to find In No Man’s Sky NEXT. It is not that rare either so you finding it should not give you a hard time. The thing is, you need to mine cobalt to get it.

You can easily trace Cobalt due to its color, a touch of blue. It stands out in most planets’ surfaces so you can easily locate where to mine.

There are two main sources of No Man’s Sky Cobalt. First is from a stalagmite. Stalagmites are type of rock formation that grows from the floor of a cave due to the buildup of material dropped on the floor from ceiling drippings.

The second one is from large-dark blue mineral nodes.

How to get No Man’s Sky Cobalt

Once you are in the Cobalt’s location, you can now begin mining Cobalt. But first, you need a Terraforming Tool/Terrain Manipulator (acquired from early missions). Then press triangle to switch to Terraforming Tool from firing mode. Finally, mine the Cobalt resources.

How many No Man’s Sky Cobalt did you manage to mine? If you need more No Man’s Sky update guide, get them here.