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No Man’s Sky Technology Module – How To Find Them Fast

no man's sky technology module

Using the Terrain Manipulator, you can bury deep underground to find a No Man’s Sky Technology module. But, what are they used for and how do you find them?

In the following guide, we’ll tell you all about the No Man’s Sky Technology module. This precious new material can be used as salvage to turn into new base parts with the Blueprint Analyzer.

Blueprints in No Man’s Sky are essential for crafting new technology. And these technology modules will help you craft them more quickly.

You can buy them but because they’re so expensive, you’re better off finding them yourself. You’ll then be able to upgrade your exo-suit, space craft and your handy multi-tool faster.

So, there’s three ways to get a technology module in No Man’s Sky.

  1. Buy it at one of the ships on the planet.
  2. Dismantle Obsolete technology.
  3. Located buried modules using the terrain manipulator.

We’ve already showed you how to use the terrain manipulator in order to find Ancient keys, and the system is similar for finding these important tech modules. They can be found buried underground. If you scan a planet, and you’re in an area with hidden chambers, you can tag that area.

You can then dig down and open up chests. The items you get from these chests varies, but some of them contain technology modules.

Otherwise, you either better get saving up, or dismantle the technology that you don’t need any more.

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