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No Man’s Sky Ancient Key – Where To Find Them And How to Open Locks

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There’s plenty of mysteries to uncover since the new No Man’s Sky update. The NEXT patch ushered in online multiplayer, but there’s still other secrets to find such as the No Man’s Sky Ancient Key.

How To Get The No Man’s Sky Ancient Key

What is this Ancient Key? Where do you find it, and what is it used for? One of the new options in No Man’s Sky is the ability to excavate buried ruins. First up, you need to find them and use the Terrain Manipulator.

Once you’ve entered these ruins, you’ll uncover locked Ancient Treasures. This is where you’ll find the No Man’s Sky Ancient Key. It’s locked inside the treasure box.

Watch the video below as the Ancient Key is discovered and find out how to excavate a ruin.

In return, you’ll get one Ancient Key. The description reads:

A key of some weight, this aged piece of wrought iron must belong in a nearby lock.

It’s total trading value in No Man’s Sky is 1,000 units. In these ruins, you’ll often find multiple Ancient Treasures and keys, so keep scanning and digging.

What Do With the No Man’s Sky Ancient Key?

You’re now looking for a large artifact crate. Scan the area where you’ve been mining the ruins. It will be in this location. Get excavating and you’ll have to open the Ancient Lock, which is a heavy locking mechanism.

This is a mysterious lock with several keyholes, this relic protects what must surely be a valuable treasure. In order to open the lock, you’ll need the Ancient Keys you have collected – three in total.

We presume there’s various treasures located within them, but in the video an Ornamental Churnlily Cuttings was discovered. This is a generically engineered plant that’s worth a lot of units!

Aside from this current mystery, players are still discovering a lot of new features since the update by Hello Games. Base-building is vastly improved, creature and sentinel behaviour has changed, and you’re also able to upgrade a fleet of frigates.

That’s not all! Shortly, they’ll also be various community events. So, stay tuned and check out more guides: