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PS5 Rumor Suggests Included Camera For Improved Streaming

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Sony is reportedly looking to have the PS5 take its streaming efforts to the next level, according to sources at tech website Gizmodo. While the PS4 and Xbox One support such features and have achieved great success, the technology behind it isn’t as robust as PC; as such, Sony looks set to change that going into the next generation.

PS5 Camera Points To Streaming Improvements

Streaming is becoming increasingly popular nowadays, and it’s not hard to jump on Twitch or YouTube to find gamers streaming a myriad of different titles. Naturally, Sony and Microsoft know this is only going to gain in popularity in the coming years, and want to ensure that PS5 and Xbox Scarlett are poised to take advantage of this.

Looking ahead, 4K streaming is the next obvious step for console manufacturers to pursue, something which PS5 would definitely benefit from.

Here’s what the site had to say:

Our tipster’s most interesting series of claims concerned the cameras included with the PS5 prototype and Project Scarlett. Thanks to Twitch, YouTube, and even Microsoft’s Mixer, video game streaming is a huge business right now. Lots and lots of people make money by streaming video of themselves playing games, sometimes for audiences of thousands.

In case you missed our earlier story, the same source had more details to reveal on the recently leaked PS5 dev it, as well as providing a codename for the device.

The PS5 is reportedly scheduled for a release in holiday 2020, and Sony has already revealed a robust lineup of features the console will support. The system is rumoured to be getting a full reveal during a New York City-based event in February 2020.

A recent report has suggested that Sony will launch a PS5 Pro model alongside the base version of the console at launch.

Source: Gizmodo