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PS5 To Be ‘VERY Powerful’, Will Be ‘As Accessible As Possible’ – Report

Highly respected investigative industry journalist Jason Schreier has spilled a few tasty beans about the next generation of consoles, and specifically Sony’s PlayStation 5.

In a tweet made within the last hour, Mr. Schreier remarked about the state of the next-gen console race, saying that Microsoft is hugely behind Sony in terms of communication with developers and interested parties regarding PS5 architecture and associated processes. This should come as something of little surprise given the fact that such silence on Microsoft’s part could well be deliberate, in some sort of (unconfirmed) attempt to ‘ambush’ Sony.

More interesting is the fact that both consoles not only boast similar specs (in the same way that the current gen PS4 and Xbox One are similar to one another), but that they are supposed to be ‘VERY’ powerful. It’s worth mentioning that emphatic capitalization was copied verbatim from Jason, rather than made up on the spot by myself for flavor.

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Another interesting point is that despite the two consoles matching up very well in terms of technical specification, Sony is keen to separate the PS5 from Xbox Scarlett by placing a premium on making it as accessible as possible, into which the PS5’s highly touted, ultra-fast, loading time murdering SSD comes into play.

Finally, in a separate tweet, Schreier shed some light on how Google Stadia had both Microsoft and Sony extremely worried (hence the earlier ‘memorandum of understanding’ on shared cloud services), and how that paranoia has informed, to some degree, the make up of both PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. Obviously though, Google Stadia fell flat on its silly face – so perhaps the danger has now passed, as it was were.

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So it looks like that the next-generation of home consoles from Microsoft and Sony will be hugely powerful, super fast beasts unto which a whole new generation of games will sit upon.

I can’t wait.

Source: Jason Scherier via Twitter