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PS5 Listed As ‘Upcoming World’s Fastest Console’ In Sony Job Ad

Sony has posted a new job listing for a senior cloud engineering manager, which reveals some interesting tidbits regarding the PS5. Specifically, the listing reveals that the applicant will “be one of the leaders of an elite team that is super excited to launch the upcoming world’s fastest console (PS5) in 2020.”

The console maker recently confirmed that it will be rolling out its next-generation home console in holiday 2020, putting it up against Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett.

PS5 Is ‘World’s Fastest Console’ Says Job Listing

Sony hasn’t exactly been quiet regarding the PS5 over the past few months. For starters, we know that it will support an extensive range of features, including but not limited to backwards compatibility with PS4 titles, an SSD for cutting down load times, ray-tracing, and 8K.

As expected, the system will also support disc and digital-based software, indicating Sony isn’t quite ready to go all-digital.

The PS5 reveal is reportedly going to take place at a special event in New York City in February 2020, where it is also believed Ghost of Tsushima will be re-revealed as a PS5 game. We’ve also heard plenty about the PS5’s meaty innards, including murmurs that the console’s CPU clock speed will hit 3.2GHz.

For more details on the PS5 specs, be sure to read our dedicated article here. In addition, if you want to see how Sony’s next tellybox measures up to the Xbox Scarlett, see here.

Rumors have also suggested that the PS5 backwards compatibility support will extend beyond just PS4 games, with the system allegedly able to play older PlayStation titles natively, too. Probably best you don’t flog all your old games just yet, then.

One thing we don’t know right now is how much the PS5 will cost, but given how well Sony positioned the PS4, we’re hoping it’ll be friendly on our wallets.