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PS5’s Specialized SSD Solution Very Likely To Require Proprietary Cards For Expanded Storage

As Microsoft confirms that Xbox Series X will utilise custom-made NVMe SSD cartridges to increase storage capacity, it’s looking increasingly likely that Sony will follow the same path for the PlayStation 5, with proprietary cards giving users an easy solution to boost hard drive space.

PS5 SSD To Use Proprietary Cards Similar To Xbox Series X?

As reported by Digital Foundry, there’s a proprietary slot on the back of the Xbox Series X that is able to fit these cards, but it’s likely to be a little costly. They can also be used to transfer data between different Series X hardware, allowing you to copy your games onto a card and use them on a mate’s console if you fancy it.

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Sony hasn’t confirmed its plans for the PS5 in this respect yet, other than it’ll use an SSD that will allow for super-fast load times. However, it’s looking increasingly likely that the format holder will offer its own proprietary tech for upgrading the console’s storage space.

PS5 SSD to use proprietary tech like Xbox Series X?

This is backed up by Digital Foundry’s John Linneman, who said on Twitter:

Just to clarify – I think both Series X and PS5 will use this approach. They’re targeting a very high level of performance and the chips themselves need to reach a sustained transfer rate. Many NVMe drives you can buy for your PC don’t meet this spec.

In addition, it’s worth remembering that Sony’s technology is said to be faster than the Xbox Series X SSD.

The PS5 is slated for release in holiday 2020, but there’s increasing fears that it may yet be delayed due to the spread of the coronavirus. Sony has yet to showcase the console in full yet, despite Microsoft being pretty open about its own next-generation plans as of late.

We’ll have more PS5 news for you as soon as it becomes available.