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Rocket League DLC Brings New Battle Cars From Hot Wheels

rocket league dlc hot wheels

There’s some new Rocket League DLC landing on September 24 on all platforms. Psyonix has confirmed the Hot Wheels Triple Threat DLC pack, which features creature-themed toppers and three new battle cars.

Priced $5.99, the new Rocket League DLC includes the following cars:

  • Three Premium Battle-Cars: Gazella GT, MR11, and Fast 4WD
  • Four unique decals for each of the premium Battle-Cars
  • Gorilla, Snake, and Spider Toppers

Tying in with the digital release on the Triple Threat DLC pack, they’ll also be a physical pack available at retailed from the middle of October featuring die-cast toys.

Additionally, on the same day, all players will receive a new Hot Wheels Rivals Arena and customization items themed around the Hot Wheels 50th anniversary.

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