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Rumor – Marvel’s Avengers To Add Bucky Barnes As Its Next Playable Character

Crystal Dynamics is prepping Bucky Barnes as the next playable character in Marvel’s Avengers, according to leaker Miller on Twitter.

Obviously you should take this as a rumor for the time being, but it would make a lot of sense as Bucky, who has also been known as The Winter Soldier in various story arcs, is a popular character, especially when it comes to fans of his depiction in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In related news, it looks like Captain America’s childhood mate will be joined by She-Hulk, as the official Xbox Twitch channel leaked that character only last week.

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Crystal Dynamics has been busy pumping out content for the superhero title since its initial launch in September 2020, and we’ve seen the likes of Spider-Man, The Mighty Thor, and Black Panther join the ranks of Marvel’s Avengers post-launch.

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