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Rumor – Silent Hill Franchise Has 3 Unannounced Games In Development

Horror leaker Dusk Golem has revealed on ResetEra that the Silent Hill franchise has three unannounced games in production, one of which is currently in the early stages of development. And just to clarify, these aren’t related to what Konami has already unveiled.

There’s at least three Silent Hill projects which haven’t been announced yet, not including the Short Message. Yes, really. But one of them is in very early development.

Konami announced four new Silent Hill projects during a special event in October last year: Silent Hill 2 Remake, Silent Hill F, Silent Hill Townfall, and Silent Hill Ascension. There’s no release date for any of these projects yet, but Silent Hill 2 Remake is supposedly now in the final stages of production.

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Elsewhere, Silent Hill: The Short Message has been rated in Taiwan for PS5, and while Konami hasn’t announced anything official on this project yet, it’s reportedly going to be a free teaser of sorts.

If that wasn’t enough to satisfy fans of Konami’s much-loved psychological horror franchise, Christophe Gans is also working on a brand new Silent Hill movie.

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