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Sony Is Now AMD’s Best Customer Thanks To Stellar PS5 Console Sales

For those unaware, both Sony and Microsoft use AMD hardware in their current generation PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, and while both consoles are selling, the PS5 is doing a touch better.

Now it seems those great PS5 sales have had a serious effect on AMD’s rap sheet, accounting for 16% of AMD’s revenue for 2022, after Sony bought $3.776 billion worth of chips.

Gaming overall was AMD’s highest source of revenue, and the way the industry’s going it seems like that’ll only increase in the next few years.

While PS5 sales have been very good for Sony, it was only January when the company announced that it had finally done away with the stock issues that had plagued the console since launch.

With that in mind it’ll be interesting to see how sales continue for the PS5 with consoles seemingly readily available at all times, with no need to search out a scalper selling it for a 200% mark up on eBay.

Source – [TomsHardware]