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The Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster Reportedly Does Exist, And Will Be Coming Out

There’s really no series in games like Final Fantasy, with so many spin-off titles, almost just as many mainline titles and now remasters or remakes for both.

One game that fans would love to see get a remaster is Final Fantasy Tactics, and while there’s been word about a potential remaster for a while, nothing has ever been confirmed – but Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier is claiming that the remaster is indeed “real and is happening.”

Responding to a thread about a Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster rumour on Reddit, Schreier simply said “Hi. The Final Fantasy Tactics remaster is real and happening.”

Schreier’s position as a reporter means that he wouldn’t be saying anything unless he had a credible source, so it’s clear he’s got some kind of information he trusts regarding this.

He’s also been talking about the remaster for more than a year now, and while Square Enix hasn’t said anything official – in fact it went so far as to say there are “no plans” for a remaster – Final Fantasy legend Naoki Yoshida only months after that “no plans” comment agreed that it was time for Tactics to make a return in some way.

As to when we’ll start to officially hear about it? Who can say, but at least fans can reliably keep it in mind that this remaster is happening. Or at least that it is happening as of this time of writing.

Source – [Reddit via VGC]