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Vampyr Albert Palmer Mission And Albert’s Revolver

Vampyr albert palmer

You'll meet up with Albert Palmer in Vampyr in chapter 6 of Dontnod's action-adventure. Albert Palmer is the son of Benjamin, and you'll get to find out a little more about his past during this mission.

Vampyr Albert Palmer Reward

And, you'll also get to embrace/kill him! When you embrace Albert Palmer, you'll get one of the game's ranged weapons, Albert's Revolver.

It's a reliable service pistol probably stolen by Albert Palmer from his veteran father, Benjamin.

The stats are:

  • Fire Rate: 10.0
  • Reload Time: 15.0
  • Magazine: 6
  • Stu: 10.0
  • Damage: 6

You can, of course also level up Albert's Revolver at a hideout's workbench. Unlike some of the other Vampyr missions, you don't have a choice whether to spare him.

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