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Vampyr Mesmerize Level Tricks You Need to Increase

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The Vampyr mesmerize level is Dr. Jonathan's Reid key to charm and manipulating the mortal citizens of London. Increasing Reid's mesmerize level can give him a lot of advantages and benefits. If he keeps an equal or higher mesmerize level with a person he is talking to, he can choose a dialogue with him, or ultimately suck his blood to earn more experience.

In this Vampyr mesmerize level guide we will discuss the things you should do to increase your manipulation skills within the game so Dr. Reid can have an easier life getting a stable blood source. But if you need more Vampyr game guides, just read them here.

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How to Increase Vampyr Mesmerize Level

Dr. Reid starts off the game as a baby vampire with a very low ability to mesmerize. But what does mesmerizing do? It is the passive ability of vampires to charm and control humans to obey their will.

You cannot mesmerize someone if you have lower mesmerize level than them. A high mesmerize level will allow you to “embrace” whereby you suck a mortal's blood for your own benefit. The blood, just like any other vampires in any movie or game, will help you develop your abilities and increase your power.

Unlike other Vampyr abilities, Dr. Reid's mesmerize level can only increase by finishing specific quest, meaning the more you play in the game, the more chances of raising your mesmerize level.

Starting at level one, you'll have to go out, fight, explore and finish missions to progress your level. An example of this is that you can only reach Vampyr mesmerize level 2 if you're done talking to Nurse Crane in Whitechapel. It might require patience because it will be a long process, but it is the only way to achieve your mesmerize level goal.

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Trick For Significant Mesmerize Level Increase

If you want to speed up the process a bit more, suck the blood of significant character in the game which will give you more XP. But the peril here is that they usually have negative consequences such as vendors not being available, because these mortals play a specific role in the community unlike an ordinary stranger.

The trick is to continue completing quests until you reach Vampyr Mesmerize Level 4. Then complete all of the districts and there you can kill anyone you want because they have no use for you anymore.