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Vampyr Thelma Howcroft – Quest To Unlock All XP

vampyr thelma howcroft

In Vampyr, former doctor Thelma Howcroft is now a patient at Pembroke Hospital. She's a bit deluded and suffers from a nasty condition called Cotard's syndrome. This is a disease in her body that rots her from the inside out!

Like other NPC quests in Vampyr, such as Cadogan Bates and Nurse Dorothy Crane, you'll get the choice as Jonathan Reid whether to embrace or kill her. You'll encounter Thelma Howcroft as part of the Wrong Target mission.

Vampyr Thelma Howcroft Questions

Some of the conversation threads are locked off when you first speak with her, but you can open them up and earn XP by asking the right questions. Do this, and you'll earn maximum XP. First up, just probe her a by asking:

  • “Your Life in London?”
  • “You are a vampire?”
  • “Ever heard of Cotard’s Syndrome?”

Then, interact with the following dialogue:

  • “Your Life in London?”
  • “Are you a patient here?”
  • “We’ll take care of you.”

You'll unlock a new side quest. Check out the Wrong Target Investigation walkthrough for a detailed explanation.

Before you head out on your new Vampyr quest, you can gain some more XP by choosing the following options:

  • “Personal Questions.”
  • “Tell me about vampires?”

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