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Vampyr Widow in Trouble: How To Convince Her To Leave

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If you're playing the Vampyr Widow in Distress investigation, and wondering why you can't complete it, there may be a bug. However, there's a workaround.

The Vampyr Widow in Trouble mission tasks you with saving Hsiao Shun after she attacked at the cemetery by Skals. The location can be found in the north-east of Whitechapel. First up, you'll have to fight off some Skals (get some Vampyr tips for the best upgrades) because Shun does not want to leave her husband's grave.

Next up, you'll be probing Hsiao Shun for some more information. She'll talk about what happened to her husband and how she blames herself for his sickness.

Now, you need to convince the widow in distress to leave the cemetery in order to complete the investigation. If you don't experience the bug, then it's a case of being extra nice!

Vampyr Widow In Trouble Dialogue

  1. Explain to her that she is not dead.
  2. Tell here that her life shouldn't be lived in the cemetery.
  3. Reassure her that it's far better to not suffer in loneliness.
  4. Tell her you feel guilty about the death of Mary.

Follow this dialogue and she'll leave the cemetery and head back to Whitechapel. However, there's some instances where she literally disappears before you can speak to her to convince her.

If you can't find Hsiao Shun, you'll need to sleep overnight. You can then return back to the cemetery. She may have moved slightly, but the widow in distress will be in this location.

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