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WB Games Montreal’s New DC Comics Game Probably Won’t Be At E3 2019

Fresh on the heels that Batman: Arkham developer Rocksteady Studios will not be attending E3 2019 this year, WB Games Montreal has now revealed it seemingly won’t be making an appearance either, meaning we won’t be getting a glimpse at its new DC Comics game in Los Angeles next week. The title hasn’t been announced yet, but it is believed to be based on Batman or Suicide Squad.

WB Games Montreal Confirms E3 2019 No-Show

Writing on Twitter, WB Montreal game director, Geoff Ellenor, has pretty much poured cold water over any hopes of seeing the new title at E3 2019. From the sound of things, Ellenor and team will be spending E3 week back home, although Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will be attending regardless.

“Waiting for #GodzillaMovie to start. In Montreal. Which for concerned parties is in a theater. NOT an airplane. In case you needed to know in some way,” said Ellenor, seemingly counting the team out of E3 2019.

As for Warner Bros., it’s not yet know what they’ll be showing off at the event, but they recently lost out on Dying Light 2 to Square Enix, so you can count that out of their repertoire.

While Rocksteady Studios was responsible for the core Batman: Arkham trilogy, WB Montreal did produce Batman: Arkham Origins, which explains why it was left off the current-generation revamp of the trilogy, the Batman: Return to Arkham Collection. It also worked on the Wii U port of Batman: Arkham City, which carries the subtitle Armored Edition.

In addition, the company also collaborated with Rocksteady on the Batman: Arkham Knight DLC, Batgirl: A Matter of Family, although since then the studio has been busy chiselling away on its new project. Hopefully it won’t be long before we catch a glimpse of it.

E3 2019 kicks off on Saturday with EA’s livestream event, so be to keep an eye on all our coverage of the event here.

Source: Twitter